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Stark Elevators Gearless Motor STR-M 1000  –  10 ~ 16

Housing: Stark permanent magnet synchronous machine designed and produced with high quality alloy. It is develop in special design with heat sink. It is developed for various roping system

Sheaves: High traction sheave with special alloy,
designed for the optimum durability. It can be changed optionally based on customer’s requested specification such as surface hardening.

Brakes: Dual action and dual circuit braking system. Powerful protection system against over-speed car movement and braking element against unintended car movement (UCM). The brakes are in compliance with EN81-50, EN81-20 and CE marking.

Terminal box: Easy access terminal box to ensure good grounding and easy connection.

Encoder: Wide range of high-tech encoder with wide range of cable length (5m, 7m, 15m). (Heidenhein brand)

Sheave guard: It covers all the requirements of EN81 in different installation types. Adjustable design.

Shaft: It is produced with high strength alloys and high fatigue resistance alloys

Bearings: High quality Austrian brand bearing.

Winding: High-tech isolation class F

Magnet: Durability and high thermal resistant in shocks

Stark Gearless Motor STR-M 1000 10~16 Datasheet

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